CMPPQs vs UPSC Prelims 2020 Questions


CMPPQs vs UPSC Prelims 2020 QuestionsA comparison video of ClearIAS Most Probable Prelims Questions (CMPPQs) vs UPSC Prelims 2020 Questions is now uploaded on ClearIAS YouTube Channel.

During the last several months, we discussed 3 MCQs daily on ClearIAS YouTube Channel and ClearIAS Telegram Channel. Many ClearIAS users commented that ClearIAS Daily MCQs (Most Probable Prelims Questions) were hugely helpful to answer multiple questions correctly in the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2020.

Based on user request, we did a quick analysis. Hope this video will help you get proper clarity regarding the UPSC preparation.

CMPPQs vs UPSC Prelims 2020 Questions (Comparison and Analysis)

‘Important Acts that Transformed India’ Book vs UPSC Prelims 2020

Important Acts remained the single prominent theme from which maximum questions are asked (6 Questions, 12 marks).

If an aspirant wrongly answered all these questions, he/she would have lost 16 marks (considering the impact of additional -0.66 negative marks).

130+ Prelims Marks is Possible. Only if you are guided the right way.

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Read this post to know the questions asked connected the Acts enacted by the Indian Parliament.

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