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ob Purpose:
Night duty supervisor represents the management during the night through monitoring the different functions during their work over this period. Assisting the heads of functions on giving feedback, monitoring the progress of the projects and to continuously provide advices. The night duty should enforce the property standards of excellence in all areas supervised. Taking care of the guest during that time is an important part of this position duties
Key Responsibilities:
 Maintain a professional and high quality service oriented environment at all times. This will be achieved through solving any issue with the guests, welcoming them, answering their inquiries and to be a point of contact with the different departments
 Ensure that the public areas are kept clean, safe and tidy during the operations hours. This will be achieved through a close follow up on the HK team, making sure of enough supplies in the toilets, checking all the security points and parking areas
 Patrolling in all offices and edge floors to make sure that all the tenants are keeping their doors closed and safe
 Coordinating with the HK manager to get the night cleaning/deep cleaning schedule
 Night briefing to all team with a clear direction of the night task
 Spot check over them to make sure of a fair consumption for the supplies
 Coordinating with the safety and security manger to get the schedule, number of guards and to attend the night briefing
 Keeping a strict environment during and after the operations to make sure that all guards are awake and don’t use mobile phone
 Coordinating with the chief engineer and the different engineers to get the night work schedule then to make sure that all works are going as per plan.
 Handling any issue that might arise with any governmental authority at that time and taking the proper actions with the different departments’ heads to solve any issue at any time
 Control over the contractors either who work in the tenants units of who are performing
a task for the property. This includes monitoring over the scope of work you have from the projects and tenants delivery engineer. Prohibiting any violation is the core for this task.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-02-09
Job Location: Cairo, Egypt
Job Role: Hospitality and Tourism
Company Industry: Real Estate
Monthly Salary: US $1,000
Joining Date: 2021-02-28

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Gender: Male
Nationality: Egypt
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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