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I bought a recording software and I need directions to use it.

this is the website. [login to view URL]

here is the instructions from the manual

Subliminal Recording System X2 Manual

Silent Subliminal Technique

This technique lets you easily make subliminal recordings that use no background sound and when played back you do not hear anything playing.

One of the things that this is good for when compared to using background music is that no matter what sooner or later you get tired of hearing the same background over and over. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the messages into your mind without hearing a sound? Well now you can and this really works very well.

So how is it done?

You can archive this by moving your voice to a frequency in the upper portion of human hearing. We dont want to hear it BUT we still want it to vibrate the inner ear so our brain can still decode it. Human ears can hear things up to around 20khz so by moving our voice up to 16.5khz then apply a filter to filter out anything above or below 16.5khz we can end up with a recording that is still playing very load ( proof is by looking at your output meter as it will still be very high ) but you will not hear anything well at least you think your not hearing anything but in fact you really are. Sound interesting?

The quickest way to make a silent subliminal recording

1. Load your voice file into channel 1 and check “Loop”

2. Hit play and turn it up so it peaks just before the red on its channel meter.

Voice in it’s normal state.

3. Place a checkmark in “Send” this will send your voice through the Brain Wave Frequency Generator which moves the voice to 16.5khz by default. ( You can change the frequency in the “Option” panel but I suggest you leave it as is until you get the hang of it)

4. Turn the “Dry” volume knob all the way down and turn the “Wet” knob to half way or above. The Dry knob is the volume of your voice in its original state. The Wet knob turns the modulation up which is the voice after it has been run through the Brain Wave Generator. As time goes on you can also play around with these knobs to achive different effects.

Voice after checkmarking “Send” ( Moves voice to a high frequency but still has bleed over ).

5. Now change your Display panel to “Spectrogram” now you will see your voice has moved up to 16.5khz BUT there is still some sounds getting through that we dont want and we can still hear the voice but its high and scratchy sounding. So next we need to place a checkmark in the “Filter” box and poof now you shouldn’t be able to hear it and looking at the Spectrogram we can see that the voice is now a nice fine line at 16.5khz.

Voice after applying “Send” and “Filter”

6. Now that the voice is playing in the 16.5khz range and we have applied our filter we can turn up the slider to make sure the meter is still peaking close to the red which lets us know its still playing very loud.

You can now ready your recorder as described in the Mixing section and record your new silent subliminal recording.

So in a nutshell

Load your voice file, checkmark Loop, Send and Filter. Then turn the Dry knob all the way down and the Wet knob half or above. Then turn the slider up to just before the red. Look at the Spectrogram to see your message at a high freq. Then record.

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