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Job Summary:

Reporting to the Assistant HR Manager, the Training & Development Administrator will develop and deliver training and workshop activities to HR Department and other employees at all levels, meeting their learning objectives and contributing to the program’s overall performance targets. Additionally, the Training & Development Administrator will be expected to regularly review their workshop practice to maximize participation, satisfaction and success.

1.           Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1.1          Establish clear objectives for all workshops, activities and projects, and communicate      those objectives to employees.

1.2         Establish and enforce a classroom code of conduct to maintain a positive learning             environment for employees during all workshop activities.

1.3         Prepare materials and training rooms for workshop activities.

1.4         Adapt training methods and instructional materials to meet employees’ varying needs.

1.5         Plan and conduct activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration and      work time that provides employees with opportunities to observe, question, and     investigate materials covered during session.

1.6         Instruct employees individually and in groups, using various adult learning methods such               as lectures, discussions and group activities.

1.7         Oversee the development of curriculum or identify, select and modify workshop               resources to meet the needs of employees with varying backgrounds, learning styles and   specials needs.

1.8         Observe and evaluate employees’ performance, behaviour and social development.

1.9         Compile and report evaluation feedback.

1.10          Audit departmental training requirements to ensure it has been completed as mandated              by the organizational training and learning needs.

1.11          Develop site (outside the corporate head office of AKH) specific training material to         support the execution of the corporate T & D program.

1.12          Develop and distribute materials and equipment for specified training.

1.13         Provide input on the most appropriate learning methodologies and tools which will best                                achieve the stated learning objectives such as in classroom courses, computer assisted                                            (online), on-the-job, coaching, mentoring, etc.

2.           General Responsibilities:

2.1              Collaborate with co-workers to enhance the instructional environment.

2.2              Provide a positive environment in which employees are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process.

2.3              Meet workshop and program performance goals.

2.4              Ensure that adequate records for completed training are being maintained and updated in case of each employee

2.5               Help identify potential areas of opportunity for development programs and develop and deliver subsequent programs to ensure business needs are met.

3.                  Occasional Responsibilities:

3.1         Participate personally at the appropriate level of involvement.

3.2         Carry out any task that the Human Resources Manager delegates, in addition to the tasks and responsibilities that have been highlighted in the above sections

4.                  Legal Responsibilities:

4.1              Ensure that all Training & Development records of AKH are ready and open for external audit.

4.2              Carry out Training & Development audits internally, from time to time, to ensure that internationally accepted standards of hospitality and Best Practices are a culture within AKH.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-02-07
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Training and Development
Company Industry: Hospitality & Accomodation

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